Ultimate App Guard

Protects sensitive apps and data from un-authorized access with 7 alternative lockers.

4.4 stars on Google Play

Ultimate App GuardGoogle Play4.4

Ultimate App Guard (UAG) sensitive protects apps and data from un-authorized access.

7 alternative lockers

UAG comes with 7 alternative lockers. Some need private codes (PIN, password, pattern), other are created for fun (force close dialog, zombie screen, custom text message screen, black screen).

App profiles

Some apps can be grouped into a profile that can be locked with the same configuration. These configuration includes locker type, scheduler, validity period, etc,.

App Guard Helper

Don’t like other apps that usually is killed by Task Killer apps, this module prevents UAG from stopping when you concurrently running with Task Killer. It also prevents uninstalling apps with Package Installer (helpful for Android 2.x). Work with most famous Launcher.

Widget & Beautiful themes

One-click widget to quickly turn on/off UAG. Furthermore, what make the app look differently is themes. A theme replaces default un-locker buttons and patterns. Support upto 7 free themes


Works 100%. not a single notification if u turn it off from settings. Not a single spam bothered me since.


Awsome man