Group SMS & Scheduler

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Group SMS & SchedulerGoogle Play4.0

An efficient SMS-based marketing tool helps you to organize an event easier

Send a large number of SMS in seconds

An message can be composed with several keywords that makes your message more friendly. Keywords includes recipient name (taken from Google Contact), date time, etc,. The message then submits to your operator for selected contacts/groups. Since it uses a special option that makes the process faster(*)

Well integration with Google Contact

You can select a large number of contact from Google Contact’s groups that are synced with your devices.


A message can be scheduled to be sent a specific of time.


You can create templates and reuse them. Keyword are accepted.


Excellent app! Being able to Sen out a mass txt for Xmas and individualize with names was outstanding


Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for! Works like a charm. I love that you can add entire groups to recipients.


(*) it first submits to operator. Since some operator limits a number of message can be sent, you message may not deliver. This is the “best effort” message deliver.