Block unwanted calls and texts

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The most efficient way to block unwanted calls and messages for FREE.

3 way to block incoming calls

  • Turn off ringer – as you are busy and can not pick up the call
  • End call – as you reject a call as soon as an incoming call comes, suitable to block tele-marketers
  • Pick up then hang up -as you pick up the call and hang up immediately. It prevents callers leave a voice message

These option can be set per caller basic. That makes you a highest customization in your settings.


Block text message (SMS) and multimedia message (MMS). Blocked messages moves directly to Blackist’s junk box with or without notification. You are not aware the arrival of messages. Stay silently!

Best integration with your contact book

Numbers are organized into blacklist (list of number that you want to block) and exception list (a list that you trust). It includes options to include or exclude all numbers in contact book into these list. You can quickly import numbers from call logs, message logs or contact book into blacklist.

4 blocking scenario

4 blocking scenarios can make your choice easier. You can quickly switch between them in different context, i.e., during weekday, weekend, you are in vacation, you are sleeping or driving… In combine with auto-SMS response feature, it makes this utility a perfect choice.


Scheduler utility helps you automatically switch between blocking scenario.

Auto-SMS response

For some circumstance, you want to notify the caller that you are busy. It will send a SMS for (optionally) a blocked call or text.

Notification & Widget & Logging

Notification can be turned on/off easily. Also, a small notification indicator shows Blacklist’s blocking mode. You can also add a small widget to easily configure blocking & auto-SMS response parameters. Logs are opt-in/opt-out per caller depending on your settings.


Love it. Works perfectly for my Galaxy S2


I wanted to block massages that start with some text, this if only application that worked for me, i almost tried them all.